the village challenge

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Discover the crazy and funny competition of the GAC

With the ski Challenge and the Mountain Challenge, the Village Challenge is the third one of the GEM Altigliss Challenge. Every year, it takes place in Val d’Isère snow front. It includes  competitions, some of which are changing every year : Archery Tag, Bubble Foot or Event 2 Fly among other things.

80 students splitted into 15 teams are competing on behalf of their school. Not only team spirit, determination and imagination will be required to perform better than other teams, you will also need to come with your best costume and all your supporters : points are given to the funniest team.

The Village challenge is fun and playful. It offers students a unique way to fiercely wear their school colors.

some examples of trials…


Archery tag

Always wanted to be Robin Hood ? This game is your luck ! Each team is playing with a bow and arrows to win the game. Whether you are targeting a dartboard or an enemy, speed and precision are the keywords.


Event 2 fly

Come see the sky with our airbag ! Which team will be the most gracious and elegant in the air in front of our jury during this funny jump competition ?


Bubble foot

Have you ever dreamt about playing football with a giant bubble and ejecting your enemy ? Come in ! As in the World Cup competition, the teams are trying to win the coveted prize.


Human curling

With ice skates at their feet, competitors are working to lead their teammate until targets on the ice. Put your skates on and show us your agility !


Yooner and snake gliss

This race is mixing Yooner and Snake Gliss and will determine who will come off best within all the « villagers ». A first individual slalom of Yooner will then give place to a Snake Gliss downhill with your team of 5. Which team will be the fastest ?


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Responsible for the Village Challenge

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Paul Leroy

Responsible for the Village Challenge

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