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Discover the GAC headlining competition

The Ski Challenge is the competition not to be missed. In association with the Sports Club of Val d’Isère, we offer you the chance to compete against the best skiers student from all around the world on major events in Ski World-Cup-like conditions. Build a team of 5 or 6 skiers to participate. At the end of each event, points are awarded and contribute to the final ranking. To ensure a high-quality competition, ski slopes are made by the Sports Club of Val d’Isère.

For the 13th year in a row, KPMG is alongside Altigliss as the official sponsor of the Ski Challenge. Do not hesitate to visit their booth during the week.


Giant Slalom

This is the traditionally opening event of the Ski Challenge. It combines technical performance and speed, and gaps between competitors are most of the time minimal. You will need strength and precision to win the first competition of the Ski Challenge.

Practical information :

  • 2 participants per team

  • Ski only


Special Slalom


Slalom gates being placed at a more difficult intervals than in Giant Slalom, Special Slalom appears as the most technical competition of the Ski Challenge. You will need to adapt your speed and control your ski path to race to victory.

Practical info :

  • 2 participants per team

  • Ski only


Boarder cross 

Riders are called to the start line to rip down a course littered with jumps and obstacles in groups of four. For this physical event, competitors will need to combine strength, speed and agility to lead the race and cross the finish line first.

Practical info :

  • 2 participants per team

  • Ski and/or snowboard


Big Air

This is one of the most spectacular competition of the Ski Challenge. Riders fly down the snowpark and perform on one of the two jumps (blue or red) and execute the freestyle figure of their choice. The aim is to win over the jury composed of professional from Val d’Isère. Before this competition, the outcome is never certain and it offers an astonishing show.

Practical info :

  • 1 participant per team

  • Ski and/or snowboard


Final : Parallel slalom

This is the closing competition of the Ski Challenge. Only the 8 best cored teams are competing in elimination phases. Nothing has been decided yet and everything is to play for as this last course bring triple amount of points.

Practical info :

  • 4 participants per team

  • A team relay


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